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The pages linked  from this page (via links above) focus on the Richford name and its variants in Scotland. I would like to thank  Douglas MacGregor (see below) for providing this information  and for his efforts trying to sort out the origins of the the Richfords "North of the Border". As with Richfords elsewhere nothing is straight forward when it comes to Richford orgins and  Douglas's research highlights another example of  the problems with name variants - in this case we have Rochfords, Ratchords and Richfords "coalescing" with somewhat unpredictable results.

Kevin Jennings        



This page has been contributed by Douglas MacGregor, a 4th generation descendent of Thomas Richford. Douglas' mother is Myra Richford Macluskie (married to Ian James MacGregor); her mother was Jean McPhee Baird (1896-1988, married to James Macluskie); her mother was Mary Livingstone Richford (1867-1926, married to James Baird); and her father was Thomas Richford (c1833-1888, married to Janet McPhee).

I would be interested in comparing notes with any Scottish Richford descendents or anyone else with information about Scottish Richfords. I would be particularly like to hear from anyone who can corroborate any details of these family histories, or who has any new information to add. Please send an e-mail to Douglas MacGregor with a copy, of course, to Kevin Jennings.