Some Useful books for researching London - in particular Deptford and S.E. London


        Ed. Ben Weinreb & Christopher Hilbert. ISBN 0 333 30024 6 Pub. Macmillan, 1983

        An essential book for all with an interest in London. Covers London's history with details on people, places, churches, roads and cemetries.

        ed Jess Steele. ISBN 1 898536 31 7 Pub. by Deptford Forum Publishing, 1997

        A fascinating publication that uncovers the researches of Charles Booth who made a comprehensive study of life in 1899 London.

        The book describes each London street - commenting on housing and social class and character.

        For genealogist researching London this book adds another dimension to just knowing where ancestors lived.

        First in a series of eight volumes covering the whole of London 

        ISBN 0 7509 0827 0 Pub. Alan Sutton Publishing Ltd, 1994

        A detailed description of Elizabethan London - people and places

        Intro by Ralph Hyde ISBN 0 903541 39 4 Pub by Harry Margary

        Detailed street maps of London - first published in 1888. Very useful for tracking down the whereabouts of long lost streets.

        ISBN 0 670 81263 3 by Chris Ellmers and Alex Werner Pub. Viking, 1988

        A photographic record of the River Thames commissioned in 1937 by the Port of London Authority.

        High quality photographs "mapping" the North and South Banks of the Thames taken from a boat travelling down river. Records wharves, riverside pubs         and dwellings - most of which have been demolished.

        ISBN 1 898536 00 7 Pub by Deptford Forum Publishing. 1993

        A detailed history of the development of Deptford.

        ISBN 0 9513760 4 7 Pub. North West Kent Family History Society, 1990

        If you had an ancestor in Deptford on census day Sunday 30th March 1851 this is the place to check it out.